Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whaddaya know.... another Defaulter!!!

Well, here we go again....

Since I was the only guy who posted, I win this week & get to choose the next topic. Whoop-de-doo... Ok, for this week, we'll do somethin' a bit different from the last few weeks:

Back at SVA, when Patrick McDonnel (creator of the comic-strip Mutts) spoke at the school, he told us that he had to take an "art exam" to get into the college. Unlike a written exam or essay, he had to draw all of his answers. One of the assignments on the test was to design a fish that could survive in the Hudson River. For those of you who don't know, the Hudson River was (& still is) highly contaminated with sewage & harmful chemicals from the G.E. Corporation.

He then drew his answer, which looked somethin' like this:

This answer got him into the school.

So, this week, I'd like to see how imaginative & original you guys really are. So this week's topic is the same as the one given to Patrick McDonnel: DESIGN A FISH THAT COULD SURVIVE IN THE HUDSON RIVER. Be very creative with your answers!

The due date will be Saturday, June 14th @ Midnight.

*By the way, the drawing I did above does not count as my entry, so this drawing does not count in the final vote.*

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