Friday, June 6, 2008

"Em & Em"

No, she ain't a candy, but just as sweet...

Well, maybe just a bit more sour.... (Just kidding, ~Em old girl)

I would have done it up nice in color with crayons or colored pencils or somethin', but I was afraid I'd ruin it if I did. My color sense is completely off-kilter. Besides, I think it looks fine just the way it is.

Damn! I should've drawn a Dick Dastardly mustache, just to get back at ~Em for drawin' me up like I was a Disney Princess. Oh well, maybe next time!


~Em said...

Aww thanks mike

haha i really like this pic!

haha it shows my true hippy-ness


I really do like this! its great =D

OmegaEye said...

it almost seems like ~em is plotting

good job MJR!