Friday, August 29, 2008

Next up?... NEON!

Since Miss ~Em won last week, she gets to choose our next topic. For this week, the topic shall be NEON. What does that mean?... I don't quite know, but for this particular topic you're allowed to draw your idea of something neon. Clothing, signs, whatever.

Due date this week shall be Friday, September 5th @ Midnight!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vote your Pants Off! (Not Literally, of course)

Another week down, another week comin' up. But before we continue we gotta vote first!

Will ~Em's tutu'ed two-stepper take 1st place?
or will Cheshire's Tangoing Twosome dance themselves into the lead?
or can my own white boy dance skillz help me reach the top?

Only one way to find out.... VOTE NOW!!!

The polls will close Wednesday Night @ Midnight!

"Dance to Funky Music, White Boy"

This category of dancing doesn't quite have that much of a defined style as ballet, swing or the tango, but it's probably the most recognized dance style in the States (if not the rest of the world):

No other person on this planet dances quite like the white guy. I know, 'cause I've been one all my life, & sadly I have danced at plenty of parties, so many people already are aware of my peculiar movements to music. I'll try to describe it to the best of my ability.

A white guy usually dances off-kilter &/or off-beat. While other people can keep rhythm, beat & time their movements right to the music, the unfortunate white guys dance as if they were either blind, deaf or dumb (the latter one in most cases). Their moves are usually a hodge-podge of out-of-date dances between the years 1954 to around 1987. The most common moves of a white guy are the "sideways peace sign across the eyes" gesture, the "lifting one foot & twisting on the other" shuffle & the most widely recognized gesture: "pointing your finger in the air a la John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever'"

Unlike dances of yesteryear, like the Charleston, the Twist & the Macarena, the dance of the white guy never seems to fade away. It's always has been there, & forever it shall remain.

*Since I just got back from a trip today, I roughed this out quickly on the plane ride home & inked it just now. I'll try to get my later entries out of the way before I go away myself. Cheers!


before i explain why i put up this picture, I want to explain that i just came back from vacation.. like.. now... and i just used a picture that I drew a long time ago I had no time to draw
I know its.. girly and ballet... i wanted to do like.. swing dancing or polka.. or somthing
but here is my toon platoon entry is pen and water color.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tango Lessons

The dance I chose to do was the Tango, it's one I've been wanting to learn how to do for years. The couple is two fictional characters from an RP. The guy (yes, a guy) on the left, is Prince Rougier. He's trying to teach his girlfriend, the assassin Asuka Haruko, how to dance the tango, but she's a little nervous and has two left feet about it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Topic: Dancing

OK, ~Em won this week's automotive art endeavour, so she decided that this week's topic shall be DANCING.

For this topic, the idea is to draw either one, two or more people dancing a certain way. There are hundreds of different dances from all over the world, from Belly Dancing to the Watusi (whatever that is). To help choose the right dance for you, here's a list of dances courtesy of Wikipedia: CLICK ME!. & remember to write the name of the dance as a caption underneath the dancer(s) in your drawing.

Since I will be away this weekend, the due date for this week's topic will be next Monday, August 25th @ 5 PM.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vote! Vote! VOTE!!!

Oops.... sorry I'm late everybody. Busy weekend. Long story. Won't go into it.

Ok it's time to vote on the winner:

Will it be my own Model T entry?
or ~Em's flame car decal entry?

The poll will close Monday Night @ Midnight! Vote quickly!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I hate cars

I hate cars... but I got this joke from "King of the Hill" haha Even though Hank ABSOLUTELY RUINS the whole show..... I still love it.
yes.. i know there is a lack of color.. background...and ........ accurate car parts.... but I did my best.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Tin Lizzie"

More formally known as Ford's Model T, it was the world's first real popular car. Back in the day, the top speed of this revolutionary car was a speedy 45 mph, got about 15-20 miles per gallon & cost a whopping $850. Technology...
I've always liked old-fashioned cars. Their designs always caught my eye. Some cars like the new Mustangs & Mini Coopers look a bit reminiscent of the old classic cars, but a majority of cars today look exactly the same model after model, year after year. If only more modern cars looked like the Model T... sure they're unsafe as hell, but at least they look a lot nicer on the road than a Toyota Corolla. Man, I'd drive a Model T anyday.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Man, that was quick.... + NEW TOPIC

GuitarMonster answered the question correctly (& in record time too) so let's move on to a new topic!

For this week, the topic will focus on Cars. For this topic, you can draw your favorite real life car or design your own car. Trucks, sedans, vans, buses, go-karts, jeeps, dune buggies, whatever! & no, ATVs (quads), scooters & motorcycles don't count here.

Due date for this week will be Saturday Afternoon at 3PM.

Aw Crap... a Tie...

Well, we gotta solve it so we can move on. So let's do so....

This trivia question is for SirPsychoSexy & GuitarMonster only. Whoever answers this first in the comments section wins.

Pi (π) is equal to 3.14..., etc, etc, etc. List the first 13 numbers that come after 3.14

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time to Vote!

Wow, what a turnout! Almost every member submitted an entry this week. I guess it's a very popular topic for everyone?

We also have a new member in our ranks, SirPsychoSexy. Welcome to the platoon, soldier!

We'll it's time to vote this week, & I tell ya, it's gonna be a tough week with all the choices we have to choose from.

-Will it be my cartoony Joker?
-Or Cheshire's pair of Jokers (or should I say a Joker & one Harley?)
-How about ~Em's Joker "playing Norman Bates"? (Don't get the reference?.... well too bad!)
-Maybe SirPsychoSexy's first entry will take first place?
-Yet OmegeEye's hodgepodge Joker has a really good chance.
-& last, but not least... GuitarMonster's creepy "staring directly at me no matter where I stand" Joker?

The poll will close Monday at 5PM.


Here he is the one, the only, JOKER!!!!! Well i guess there is a lot more of him then any of us need. Because if I'm not mistaken, everyone drew him, so there is what? 6? Well any way, I tried to make him as creepy as possible. To me, he kind of looks half real and half cartoon. But what ever. I drew him holding an ace card in his hand with the Bat symbol on it cas i think there is a runing thing between him and batman where Joker calls batman ace. But I'm not sure. (Didn't watch to much B-man).

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Believe In The Joker

It's a combination of the new and old Joker and a couple of additions:
First, the right eye (from his point of view) is burnt
Second, that same eye has a vertical cut on it
Third, he doesn't have a long pointy nose
fourth, his chin isn't a big
and fifth he has a similar make up on as the Joker from the Dark Knight movie as well as his out fit
Well, that's it (I think)


Hey, guys. New guy here... don't have a lot to say except that me and Omega are related (brothers) and that I've been wanting to enter these competitions ever since he mentioned them to me. But me being lazy and all was never really arsed to do so.

So, why did I decide to partake in this one? Well, because the Joker is awesome. Simple as that. =p

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Im in luuuuuv with the jokah

first off... I love you omega for shoosing this topic... and you Chesire for DRAWING HARLEY QUIN~~ OMG! I love harley quinn I was even going to draw harley quin and joker together but I wanted my picture to focus more on the topic...
BUT I HATE MIKE FOR NOT LIKING BATMAN..... (as you can tell.. I love batman)
But back to my drawing:
I did many drawings and none of them were good enough. I couldnt think of any poses out of my imagination that were.. creepy.

So one day.. I was drawing and my mom was standing right in front of me....
so I told her to make a creepy pose with a gun..
She took my brothers toy gun and posed for me...
I think she thought I was drawing her... because when I was done shes like.. "oooh! is that mama rambo?"
Im like.. no mom its the joker DUHH
Anywho.. This is Mom dressed up as the joker.
I watercolored it.. as always

A Pair of Jokers

It's been a while for me, but here's my entry for this week. Props to OmegaEye for the topic, he's officially even more-so the coolest person in my book. I took a play on Joker's entire symbol: the Calling Card. Guess which Joker I decided to use? And in honor of the leaked scene they deleted from the  script of The Dark Knight...he's accompanied by his "favorite" dame, Harley Quinn. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Joker, My Way

I had a little time today away from my work to draw my entry for this week. Lucky you.

Although I've not really been a fan of Batman (or most comic books in general), I always admired the Joker from the animated show from the 90's, especially Mark Hamill's voice delivery for the character.

For reference, I watched an animated Joker clip from Youtube, but in the end he looks more like the Joker from the old 60's TV show than the animated one. Looking back, I wish I drew him in a more dynamic pose... he looks so stiff just standing there, like he's a cardboard standee. Oh well, I tried.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Joker Time!!!

To coincide with the hype for the new Bat-flick, The Dark Knight, OmegaEye decided that this week's topic will focus on one of Batman's most diabolical (yet most admirable & appealing) villains: the Joker!!!

You can draw him any way you wish... like the old TV show, like the animated show from the 90's, like the current Joker from Dark Knight or any way you think is acceptable.

The due date this week will be Saturday Night @ Midnight!

OmegaEye Wins!!!!

Well, the votes are in & OmegaEye cinched Elf Week! Congrats to both of you on your great entries this week.

OmegaEye, it's time for you to choose next week's topic! I'll be gone for most of the day tomorrow & I won't be back at my studio 'til tomorrow night, so
call or email me by tomorrow night to choose your topic.

Think wisely!