Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time to Vote!

Wow, what a turnout! Almost every member submitted an entry this week. I guess it's a very popular topic for everyone?

We also have a new member in our ranks, SirPsychoSexy. Welcome to the platoon, soldier!

We'll it's time to vote this week, & I tell ya, it's gonna be a tough week with all the choices we have to choose from.

-Will it be my cartoony Joker?
-Or Cheshire's pair of Jokers (or should I say a Joker & one Harley?)
-How about ~Em's Joker "playing Norman Bates"? (Don't get the reference?.... well too bad!)
-Maybe SirPsychoSexy's first entry will take first place?
-Yet OmegeEye's hodgepodge Joker has a really good chance.
-& last, but not least... GuitarMonster's creepy "staring directly at me no matter where I stand" Joker?

The poll will close Monday at 5PM.

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