Monday, August 25, 2008

"Dance to Funky Music, White Boy"

This category of dancing doesn't quite have that much of a defined style as ballet, swing or the tango, but it's probably the most recognized dance style in the States (if not the rest of the world):

No other person on this planet dances quite like the white guy. I know, 'cause I've been one all my life, & sadly I have danced at plenty of parties, so many people already are aware of my peculiar movements to music. I'll try to describe it to the best of my ability.

A white guy usually dances off-kilter &/or off-beat. While other people can keep rhythm, beat & time their movements right to the music, the unfortunate white guys dance as if they were either blind, deaf or dumb (the latter one in most cases). Their moves are usually a hodge-podge of out-of-date dances between the years 1954 to around 1987. The most common moves of a white guy are the "sideways peace sign across the eyes" gesture, the "lifting one foot & twisting on the other" shuffle & the most widely recognized gesture: "pointing your finger in the air a la John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever'"

Unlike dances of yesteryear, like the Charleston, the Twist & the Macarena, the dance of the white guy never seems to fade away. It's always has been there, & forever it shall remain.

*Since I just got back from a trip today, I roughed this out quickly on the plane ride home & inked it just now. I'll try to get my later entries out of the way before I go away myself. Cheers!

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Cheshire said...

Adorable! But I must say, if there's gonna be any white-boy dancing, I like the Kat William's version of the white-boy dance at a club. XD

Oh, and, reminds me of a story from a coworker going to see her friend's band. It's metal-ish....and this one dude, like some sort of middleaged pimp, was doing some sort of New Wave or Do-whop shuffle. lmao