Friday, August 8, 2008

I Believe In The Joker

It's a combination of the new and old Joker and a couple of additions:
First, the right eye (from his point of view) is burnt
Second, that same eye has a vertical cut on it
Third, he doesn't have a long pointy nose
fourth, his chin isn't a big
and fifth he has a similar make up on as the Joker from the Dark Knight movie as well as his out fit
Well, that's it (I think)


Cheshire said...

Wow, you totally captured his persona in that sketch. Just like, embodied his psyche in that smile. If I have nightmares tonight, I'm blaming you j/k

Anonymous said...

hahah yeah.. the scetchyness (sp?) totally brings out the evilness

~em (im really to tired to sign in)

Lain444 said...

wooaoo very very good work!!!

Jan┼że said...

This is great! I belive in joker too!!!! Joker rulez. Check my blog, bacause I allways draw just - JOKER!!!