Thursday, August 7, 2008

Im in luuuuuv with the jokah

first off... I love you omega for shoosing this topic... and you Chesire for DRAWING HARLEY QUIN~~ OMG! I love harley quinn I was even going to draw harley quin and joker together but I wanted my picture to focus more on the topic...
BUT I HATE MIKE FOR NOT LIKING BATMAN..... (as you can tell.. I love batman)
But back to my drawing:
I did many drawings and none of them were good enough. I couldnt think of any poses out of my imagination that were.. creepy.

So one day.. I was drawing and my mom was standing right in front of me....
so I told her to make a creepy pose with a gun..
She took my brothers toy gun and posed for me...
I think she thought I was drawing her... because when I was done shes like.. "oooh! is that mama rambo?"
Im like.. no mom its the joker DUHH
Anywho.. This is Mom dressed up as the joker.
I watercolored it.. as always


Michael J. Ruocco said...

Awww... oh well, at least she inspires you somehow, right? Eitherway, well done again!

Cheshire said...

He's definitely got some of that creepy factor down. I love the way the colors came out especially at the eyes, now THAT'S a clown in the closet.