Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Gaseous-Nauseous-Vaporus Hudfish

Over many years of radiation & contamination in the Hudson River, many species of sea life have evolved to adapt to the ever-changing surroundings. One of these specimens is the Carpus Vaporus, more popularly known as the Hudfish. Some have negatively called them "Fart Factory Fish", for it's smokestack-like emission tubes on it's back & for it's horrid stench, which has been compared to a mixture of motor oil, rotten eggs & week old Chinese Food. Due to it's high levels of radioactivity, they're extremely harmful to humans & other living organisms, so stay clear of 'em!

Beware.... this creature makes Chernobyl look like Disneyland!

1 comment:

~Em said...

That is one industrial fish!
Ha ha I like it a lot
very creative

I wish i had that for a pet!!