Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hudson River Dragon

I guess one would say, or at least I would, that this Dragon mutated from some sort of fish (carp?) that had come into contact with some sort of virus that lives in the Hudson river but has mutated into some sort of super virus (sort of like resident evil 4) and this transformed the fish into the Dragon. Now, this beast doesn't eat with it's mouth, it's just used to filter water kind of like a whale (I forgot the name of the whale, but whatever). Instead, it uses a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth that is located on the palm of the Dragon's hand. This is beneficial to the Dragon, since it can grab and eat it's prey, all in one movement. Well, that's it. Comments, etc., etc..............................................................


~Em said...

this is soo good!

its so good that i said holy crap... obviously.


OmegaEye said...

Thanks alot ~em
Holy Crap LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lmao haha
~Em (too lazy to sign in)

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I agree wit ~Em.... 'Holy Crap' fits your entry perfectly! You amaze me more & more with each entry, OmegaEye. Such detail!

The only thing I gotta say about your entry is that you should add some tones to it to help things stand out more. Not color, per se, but some shading here & there. Since it's white on white, it's a bit difficult to pick out what's the dragon & what's not. But other than that, you've got it!