Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anubis Brand Dog Food

Move over, ALPO! There's a new dog food in town!
Brand-New from Isis Incorporated comes a dog kibble that'll take your dog's breath away! Introducing Anubis Brand Dog Food, the hip new dog food taking your local supermarket by storm!
With fun-shaped kibble bits & a wide assortment of flavors, from "Caravan Chicken" to "Desert Delight", your dog'll go "RAH! RAH! RAH!" 'til it reaches the bottom of it's dish!
& will your dog be happy?.... you bet your sweet ASP it will!
(by the way.... I hate coloring..... really, I do)

1 comment:

~Em said...

I Love It!
Like i said 324739857329485734957234957049287098754209874509128734028971098709871098374509187340589b143095871094587109875 times before..... Its so cute! very creative... and advertizing-y LoL

great job!