Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 11: MJR Caricature

Since ~Em won the tie-breaker, she got to choose the next topic. Her new topic is a little unorthodox, but still very original. This week, you have to draw a caricature, but not of just anyone, it has to be a caricature of ME, Michael J. Ruocco! Since all the members on this site know me personally, it shouldn't be too hard to draw me. I'm cartoony enough already!

As for HOW caricatured you wish to make me, just go crazy! Wanna draw me as realistically as possible... than do it. If you want to draw me simple and flat... go for it! Anime, anthropomorphic, stylized, abstract, exaggerated... whatever you want!

The due date is Wednesday, May 21st!
"Be afraid, be very afraid"

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