Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ems Entry

Hey! Its em..duh. I made this caricature of mike of his disgruntled face... and his princess outfit =D.
Uhm... this was kind of hard, because my caricatures always have the head look realistic. And I could only find a couple pictures of his head on his blog.. and one picture I have on my own..... but i couldnt find any with his face facing totaly towards the camera... so I just mostly drew it from memory... Im not even sure if he has that much facial hair anymore.. but whatever I think it looks like him....

Can you guess whos saying "night night princess" at the corner?


OmegaEye said...

This is priceless and awesome
At first I thought you drew him as a leprechaun until I saw the dress and the tiara
Good job

~Em said...

ha! thanks

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Does that dress make me look fat?

Cheshire said...

*giggles* Aw, pwincess Mike makes a prom debut. It's hilarious.