Monday, October 6, 2008

Where'd everybody go?....

Yep, it's that time of year again. That time when school starts again, homework begins to take over your life & this blog goes 'kaputz'. Well, not this year!

I've decided until everyone is free from their heavy workload woes, topic deadlines shall be extended to compensate, giving each of you more time to work on & submit your artwork. Until further notice, each topic shall last a month! That's right... 30 days(-ish).

& since Halloween's right around the corner, why not use that as an excuse to test this plan out, shall we? The topic is to draw ANYTHING that fit's the Halloween spirit. Make it scary, make it creepy, make it jaw-droppingly horrific.... or whatever you feel's right. 

You have until Halloween Night (October 31st) to send your work in! So get crackin', soldiers!


~em said...

thank god you posted this stuff up again
i miss drawing all the time


OmegaEye said...

I was wondering if anyone would post anything since I'm extremely busy to do so
too bad no one posted anything for the skeletons thing, oh well
hopefully I or anyone else can get in something for Halloween
if not then
Happy Halloween! :)