Monday, July 21, 2008

Damn... Another Tie

Well, the votes are in & we're stuck in another tie (God, I hate it when this happens...). This time, it's between ~Em & OmegaEye. We gotta break this thing somehow, right? Right!

OK, I shall ask a trivia question & whoever answers it correctly first will choose the next topic. Remember this question is for ~Em & OmegaEye only!

*This'll be an "open-book" question: you are allowed to use the Internet to find the answers. I'm not a teacher, so I don't care where you get the answers from, as long as you answer them correctly. You've got one chance to answer, if you answer incorrectly you lose your turn & the other has their chance to answer.*

Here's the question:

List all 9 planets in our solar system from largest to smallest (Pluto included!)

You two have only 24 hours to answer the question. If neither of you answer correctly or answer at all, then the next topic shall be chosen randomly. & make sure to think of a good topic for next week when you answer so I don't have to wait for you guys to think of one afterwards. Good luck!


OmegaEye said...
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OmegaEye said...

sorry for the deleted post (I read the rules wrong and went from smallest to largest instead of largest to smallest):
1. Jupiter
2. Saturn
3. Uranus
4. Neptune
5. Earth
6. Venus
7. Mars
8. Mercury
9. Pluto

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Correct, OmegaEye. Absolutely correct! You win this week!

What shall your topic of choice be this week, my friend?

OmegaEye said...

I'll email it to ya sometime today
probably by 6 pm