Saturday, November 17, 2007

Octopus VS. Shark

There's been a rut of shark-related hype everywhere these days (including here), so here's mud in your eye you shark fans!

I think the octopus is one of the coolest creatures on earth. What other animal has not only great intelligence, but can also change colors, expel ink, detach it's own limbs, mimic other animals & fit into spaces many times smaller than it's own? They're like James Bond, only with the gadgets already built in.

The strange thing is... why aren't there any movies about octopuses? There's millions on sharks (Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Open Water, Shark Tale), but not one with an octopus as the main baddie! I think there could be a lot of potential in an octopus film, & think of the cool names that can come out of it: Tentacles, Mad Mollusk, Octopus Rex... THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE! I'd rather see a movie about killer octopuses than a bunch of remakes, rehashes, sequels & films based off TV shows & video games.
But I have to admit, the shark-hype doesn't annoy me as much as the penguin-hype does!

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GuitarMonster1994 said...

Yo. I think this is pratty cool, and i agree with the thing. Also the other fish make a nice touch! Good job!!